iVo Power Brush

Battery Powered Cordless Scrubbing Brush Tool Kit (from £65.00 + VAT)

The iVo Power Brush is one of those products that you wish you’d found ages ago!  Just imagine how much hand scrubbing you could have saved with one of these battery powered brush tool kits!

The iVo battery powered cordless cleaning brush was developed because of the desperate need to reduce time and improve cleaning standards in so many industries.

Available in 3 different kit options, plus a large variety of attachments, no-one questions the versatility of the iVo Power Brush.  With detail attachments as well as a scrubbing and buffing pads, this versatile tool is very useful for getting into awkward corners and areas that have persistent stains.  Take a look at the Brochure below for the huge variety of task that can be tackled with this cordless power Brush and the different attachment kits.


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​IVO Power Brush - Light User Kit £65 + VAT ( £4 delivery UK only)

IVO Power Brush - Standard Kit £98 + VAT ( £4 delivery UK only)

IVO Power Brush - Full Contractors Kit £147 + VAT ( £4 delivery UK only)

IVO Power Brush - Accessories from £9.99 VAT ( £4 delivery per order UK only)

​      Please check brochure for details and order through - Contact US

IVO Power Brush - Standard Kit
IVO Power Brush - Full Contractors Kit
Ivo Power Brush - Light User Kit

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