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(Property Investment Partnership Association)

​​​Energy and Environmental consultant in Heywood Greater Manchester    

Introducing PIPA

Property Investment Partnership Association - PIPA is a membership only housing association that offers a unique and affordable property investment opportunity to members through equal unit share ownership and benefits.

This ownership structure ensures that we operate through membership unit shareholding to invest in property development for the benefit of members.

Membership is by shareholding offered by selling shares at £100 per unit share over 12 months to raise funds to purchase and develop properties for members to rent over a 5 year period and buy within or after rental period.

An estimated 2 to 4 property per year will be purchase and develop for members within Greater Manchester.

Members are required to offer their professional services for the procurement and development of the property on expenses paid only basis.

Shares can be transferred or sold by members with interest at the Bank of England base rate.

At the sale of the property the funds will be shared equally per unit shareholding for that year period.

Each year period membership shareholders will receive an annual report of their PIPA investment.


                                                        The Board and Committee's

Members with £5000 or more investment shareholding will automatically become Board and committee members to make decisions and oversee the management of PIPA.

The Board and Committee members will be responsible for the day to day running of PIPA and at all times will remain answerable to all members.

​There will be one leadership board with three committees to ensure proper management of PIPA.

The three committees are; 1. Fund management committee to oversee the buying and selling of shares, rent payment and finance, 2. Planning and procurement committee to oversee property purchase, 3. Property development and management committee to oversee property refurbishment and maintenance.

Membership Benefit

Property ownership at an affordable price.

Rent property hassle free at affordable price without reference or rent deposit.

Affordable route to becoming a property owner for first time buyers or landlord.

Make new friends and associates to build sustainable social and business network.

PIPA 2018/2019 Year Investment Portfolio starts from the 1st of June 2018 to 31st May 2019

Get started with your first investment that will automatically make you a member by only two simple steps;
1. Fill and return the membership form and;
2. Transfer your first investment amount.